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No Sweat Intro: Schedule a 30 minute (minimum) meeting with one of the head coaches to discuss your goals and how Inner Strength & Performance can help you reach them. This is an opportunity for you learn about the services we offer, tour our facility, and discover which service package may be best for you and your individual goals.

Beginner Sessions

Beginner Sessions are required of all new members prior to joining the Group Fitness Classes and Individual Design. These include four total one-on-one sessions with Head Coach Mitchell. These four sessions are an opportunity for you as a new member to meet Head Coach Mitchell, learn how to safely perform all movements, and learn more about what your body is capable of.

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Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes are approximately one hour in duration. The head coach of the class will guide the group members through a structured program that will include a proper warm-up, strength or skill development, and conditioning.
These Group Fitness Classes allow members to become enthused about their fitness and health while training with other motivated individuals under the guidance and supervision of a qualified head coach. The head coach will be there to organize, educate, and facilitate the workout in a positive, energizing, and motivating way.

Group Fitness Hours

Individual Design Programming

Individual Design Programming(ID) provides the client the opportunity to have a one-on-one program developed specifically to help them achieve the goals they have set for their own personal fitness and health. ID is designed to be a long term service to build quality based results. While completing the Beginner Sessions, the initial Beginner Session will primarily be a consultation with the Head Coach and an opportunity to discuss your lifestyle and the personal goals you are hoping to accomplish. Different assessments are conducted during the Beginner Sessions by the Head Coach to identify where each client is currently at on a physical and lifestyle basis.

After the Assessments are completed, the Head Coach will spend quality time creating an individualized program layout. This program plan then can be accessed on an application set up by the Head Coach. This will allow the client to input and log results, track progress, and allow for continuous conversation and monitoring by the Head Coach. Monthly meetings with the Head Coach will be offered to review the workout program to ensure the client is on track and confident with the direction and results of their program.

Drop In

The Drop In option is a one day ISP pass to attend the group fitness class of your choice. The Drop In option is great for the individual who is stopping in to ISP to try us out for the first time or visiting us from out of town. Know you are going to be in town for a while? Consider purchasing a Punch Card.

Open Gym

(ID Clients Only)
Open Gym hours are designated gym hours specifically for Individual Design clients to come in and complete their ID programming. These times are set with the head coaches during individual consultations.